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  Welcome to our ranks & medals page!

Normal Medals:
ID: Name: Description
Bot Command Awarded to those who place their bots in the channel. More than one day!
Recruiter Given to elite members for recruiting more than 10 people.
Perfect Circle The perfect circle medal is given to those with a perfect clan record.

Elite Medals:
ID: Name: Description
Perfect Heart Given to elite members with a record of 200 clan points.
Honor The Honor medal is given to those who have a clan record of over 500 clan points.

Normal Ranks:
Name: ID: Points:
Private NONE Zero
Corporal 20
Sergeant 40
Lieutenant 60
Captain 80
Major 100
Colonel 120
General 150

Elite Ranks:
Name: ID: Points:
Shadow Agent 200
Shadow Warrior 300
Shadow Hunter 500

Wondering how to get points? click here to find out.