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  Welcome to the home of the shadows!

Here to join?
Well here is what you should do. First read the rules. If you like them, that is good. If not, well you have only yourself to blame!
Well well well you like the rules now, huh? Since you are reading on! Anyway get your ICQ# ready. You will need it. Don't know what ICQ is? Well click here to go to our ICQ FAQ. You know what ICQ is but for some stupid reason can't or won't get it? Sorry can't join!
Got ICQ# ready to go? Well then there is nothing more but to fill out the form in the join page.

Still thinking?
Thinking is good. Just don't take too long in &quotthinking&quot. Remember that you have to be good or willing to learn to join! We accept no losers. Since we have real tournaments and CD prizes, you will NOT find a better clan!
"RIGHT, like that will hold up in court".
By the way, very soon we will have our own warez section for members only! You like that don't you? But that is still under work right now.

Still here???
Oh well then you must already be a member! Right? RIGHT? Oh for god's sake, forget it. Just go login to the members section.
Your username or pass not working? Well that can't be good. Just turn your icq on, look for that moron BlackJack, and send him a message bitching about the login script not working! I find the ones who bitch the most will get what they want.

Why in God's name are you still here?
Why are you still reading, get the hell out of my face. NOW!!!
Why red you say? Its the color of blood!
I hate the music too.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I finally lost it!!!