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  Welcome to the history of the shclan.

How long we have been here?
Shadow Hunters started about 3 and a half years ago. As a diablo clan which was very successful. But after a while it became boring, and so we had an idea about expanding. Our clan became a part of another multiclan called Xenon. Xenon had parts in Quake2, Worms, Descent, and Need4Speed. It also included all the games that were available at the time.

Why are you still reading?
Wasn't that boring enough for you to leave? Ok Ok well Xenon got so huge that we had wars on every front. And we just couldn't keep up. So we quit! For a while, then Xenon came back as only clan, with a userlimit of 30. Yet, for some reason the webmaster quit, and the other council members just said to hell with it, and quit too.

Wondering how we got to Shadow Hunters?
Well about a year and a half ago, I the great ... (Hey john, whats my name?) On who cares. I remade a page, and got people to join us... Right now we are a BroodWar clan, very soon we will be a Diablo II clan aswell.

So you gonna join now?